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Earth Waste Management Company

In our Facility

In our facility we manually segregate the e-waste into various categories. Then all such parts that can be salvaged or refurbished are segregated. We then convert waste into usable raw material where feasible and supply it to further processing units. The left over waste that cannot be used in any way is disposed off in a sustainable, safe and non-hazardous way.

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Computer Recycling

There are millions of old computers comprising of the CPU, monitor, keyboard and other accessories. The CPU itself holds the motherboard, add on cards and the SMPS. People discard computers because of a minor fault or because it has become outdated, though it is fully functional. Our experts examine each computer system and segregate those parts and components or entire CPU that are functional and these are stored separately for possible sale to users.

Parts and assemblies are salvaged and unserviceable or defective parts are segregated and components such as CPU and other chips are removed for resale and other parts are removed and whatever can be recycled, like the cabinet, is set apart for recycling. This way we reduce burden on the environment and also find use for computers that are functional.

Electronic Recycling

There are literally thousands of various electronic devices each using an array of capacitors, resistors, discrete semiconductors, hardware, displays, wires, metal and plastic enclosures and even specialised parts like lasers or radio active sensors. Our experts identify all such items and we carefully segregate all component parts by removing them from the main PCB, which, again is collected for extraction of gold and copper.

Wires, plastics and metal parts can be recycled and we separate plastics from metals, identify hazardous chemicals and remove them for safe storage and disposal. Nothing goes to waste. Segregation yields material that has better resale value and better usability for processors.

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Computer Disposal

On the one hand we have a situation where people are selling off old computers to “kabadiwalas” as scrap. On the other hand we have a situation where there are lakhs of poor students who cannot afford a computer, even an old, obsolete one, which, however, would be immensely useful to them. Our computer disposal service bridges the gap. We gather old computers from people who have no use for these systems and segregate them in our facility for possible sale at low price or for donation to the needy.

We assist people with disposal of their old computers but we also make sure that these computers do not end up as scrap when there is life left in them—we make sure someone’s life somewhere takes a turn for the better with a computer in their life.

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Secure Data Destruction

When companies dispose off their computer systems and peripherals in bulk, one of the chief concerns is about data contained in hard disks, tape drives and optical storage devices. E-Waste offers guaranteed and secure data destruction services. We can degauss hard drives and erase all magnetic data or simply crush the magnetic discs. We can crush optical drives or render them unfit for access by any method.

Our staff crushes or otherwise renders magnetic tapes unusable and absolutely impossible to access in any way. When you hand over your computer systems to us for disposal, you have peace of mind knowing that your data will never fall into anyone’s hands. We carry out secure data destruction in the presence of your staff members.

E-Waste Dismantling

Waste is usually crushed, destroyed and burnt or melted. In the process very little is recovered. There is also the matter of damage to environment. Our e-waste dismantling is a far superior process in that we actually separate an electronic device into its component parts and such component parts are further dismantled into categories like plastics, glass and metal, each of which can be recycled or reused.

Our E-waste dismantling reduces burden on the environment, prevents toxicity and also generates value. It is a safer and far better process from any perspective because it also helps conserve precious natural resources by reusing and recycling materials derived from e-waste dismantling processes.