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Our Process

Earth Waste Management Company

Recycle the present, save the future

We are located in Haryana but have collection centres in all States across India. We collect wastes from kabadiwalas as they are called, transport it to our facility in Haryana and process it further.

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Safe Collection

EWM is a government authorized company specializing in collection and safe disposal of e-waste from all over India. We have collection centres and network of channels that collect e-wastes from homes, industries and offices and hand it over to us at our centre. These are stored in local warehouses and are transported daily to our processing facility in Haryana. The issue of mounting e-wastes has spurred us to carry out operations almost on a war footing to establish as many centres for collection of e-wastes in India as fast as we can.

Safe Segregation

Our e-waste processing facility in Haryana is staffed by trained and knowledgeable people to handle safe segregation. E-waste is an umbrella term covering components, assemblies and complete assembled units. These units are taken apart and components our expert people segregate the parts from assemblies into various categories such as plastics, glass, metals, wires, connectors and other discrete units. A part may be made of metal and plastic, such as connectors, in which case the two are separated.

Safe Dismantling

Scrap can be treated destructively by crushing or other processes. However, our world class e-waste processing facility in Haryana is staffed by trained and knowledgeable professionals who follow safe dismantling procedures in taking apart devices and in removing parts and components from boards as well as the hardware components. Each component is further examined for its composition and two diverse parts, such as the aluminum foil in capacitors, is removed and the can is also removed for reuse.