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About us

Earth Waste Management Company

It’s easy being green- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Earth Waste Management is a private limited company incorporated in the State of Haryana with a state of art plant to dismantle and handle all kinds of electrical and electronic wastes.

Our Company

Our unit is approved by the Haryana State Pollution Control Board and we believe we are pioneers in this field. Established in 2013 by professionals in engineering, technology and management, Earth Waste Management

(EWM) is a one of its kind company in India. Led by director Harpreet Singh, the company and its core team focus exclusively on safe, efficient and sustainable disposal of e-wastes collected from all over the country.

Our services and process comprise

Collection of e-waste from all over the country
Transport of e-waste to our Haryana disposal unit
Segregation of e-waste at our facility
Manual dismantling of e-waste to segregate components into various types such as metal, plastics and ceramics
Convert into raw material
Supply recovered raw material to processors and electrical/electronic industries
Dispatch hazardous e-waste for safe disposal

Concerned by the indiscriminate way of disposing off e-wastes we decided to do something and so EWM was born. The amount of e-wastes comprising of computers and computer parts, electronic devices, mobile phones, entertainment electronics, refrigerators, microwaves, TV, fridges and industrial electronics that are obsolete or that have become unserviceable is growing. All these electronic devices contain plastics, ceramics, glass and metals such as copper, lead, beryllium, cadmium and mercury.

The last four are especially toxic to humans, animal life and to the Earth. Improper disposal only leads to poisoning the Earth and water and therefore all life forms. Our effort is meant to preserve environment and prevent pollution by proper handling of e-wastes. While it will take a lot of effort to educate people to dispose off such wastes in the right way, we are doing our part by providing a channel to collect e-wastes and dispose off them in a sustainably safe manner. We convert waste to usable resources.