E-Waste Management is a government authorized company specializing in collection and safe disposal of e-waste from all over India.

Earth Waste Management

Electrical and electronic products are everywhere. In fact, life is indispensable without electricity and electronic devices. What this translates to is mountainous masses of electrical and electronic waste with high potential of polluting the environment each day, every day. E Waste is engaged in collection, handling and disposal of electrical and electronic waste or e-waste as we would like to call it.

Earth Waste Management

We do it to keep the Earth safe and protected against the pollution hazards such e-wastes pose to us. E waste goes beyond collection and disposal of e-waste. We dismantle the scrap and convert it into components that can be recycled and components that are hazardous and are disposed off with care to have no impact on the environment. We like to believe we are contributing to a cleaner, greener Earth today and tomorrow.


About Ewaste Management

Earth Waste Management is a private limited company incorporated in the State of Haryana with a state of art plant to dismantle and handle all kinds of electrical and electronic wastes.


Awareness on Ewaste

If we pause from our daily routines and look around we will notice one thing: we are surrounded by electrical and electronic devices. At home, in offices, in industries and in public utilities these have become indispensable.


What is the solution?

In advanced countries you will find that there are designated e-waste collection agencies and centres where people can hand over e-wastes for further process or recycling. In India, the concept is yet to take off. We are facilitating this process.

Make the Earth
a cleaner & greener

Our effort is meant to preserve environment and prevent pollution by proper handling of e-wastes. While it will take a lot of effort to educate people to dispose off such wastes in the right way, we are doing our part by providing a channel to collect e-wastes and dispose off them in a sustainably safe manner. We convert waste to usable resources.

Safe Segregation

Safe Dismantling